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Image by Chris Tradgett

Let's Walk Together!

Click the corresponding video below for each week of your 40-day Journey to Unhurried Peace and  enjoy a special author message & encouragement!

This book is divided into 7 laps - think of a running laps around a track, yet instead of finishing tired and worn out, we will finish refreshed, refocused, and ready to walk in the pace of unhurried peace that Jesus taught.  In a world that says run, we have permission to walk. 

Lap 1 - Introduction

Lap 4 (Day 15-21)

Lap 2 (Day 1-7)

Lap 5 (Day 22-28)

Lap 3 (Day 8-14)

Lap 6 (Day 29-35)

Lap 7 (36-40)

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