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When I’m Hanging by a Thread

UNURRY HACK: Google holds a lot of information, but there is only one resource that holds the breath of God.


Psalm 94:18-19 (ESV) 18 When I thought, “My foot slips,”

your steadfast love, O Lord, held me up.

19 When the cares of my heart are many,

your consolations cheer my soul.

WE’VE ALL EXPERIENCED DAYS THAT LEAVE US HANGING BY A THREAD. Situations that are unfair, unclear, or seem unending can fill our heart to its capacity and leave us dangling from cliffs of worry. The great “what-ifs” oppress our thoughts and beg us to fear the worst. However, the Great I AM has a different message: Jesus not only steadies our feet, but also fills our soul with joy. It is safe to release our white-knuckled grip around our heart and fall into Jesus.

When our fingers tighten against these cliffs of concerns, the thing that feels least logical is letting go. What awaits us in the freefall? Questions like this keep our eyes fastened to the ledge rather than fixed on our Savior. Verse 18 tells us we are safe to let go and fall headlong into Jesus, your steadfast love, O Lord, held me up.

HOW DO WE FALL INTO JESUS? The Psalmist started in the right place--He prayed. Even in our thoughts, we can cry out to God and He hears us and delivers us (Psalm 34:17). O Lord, regardless of the events of this day, default my heart to prayer.

First we pray. Next, God offers to exchange whatever thread we are barely hanging onto for His sure promises in Christ. The Bible is our manual for how to deal with every situation life throws at us. God’s Word is the plumb line by which we can measure all else. Reading God’s Truth not only calms us down, but renews our hope and cheers our soul. Google holds a lot of information, but there is only one resource that holds the breath of God. O Lord, regardless of the questions about this day, default my heart to the Bible.

We cry out. We exchange our thread. Lastly, we rest. Jesus calls us to cling to him alone. Our Savior is not only perfect, he’s eternal. All other threads will slip away.

Nothing in our life can fulfill the role intended for our one true Savior Jesus Christ. Being a perfect person, a perfect parent, a perfect employee…these are not the things that hold us together. Having the right relationships, things, and titles do not save us. These empty threads will fail us. Daily as we deal with circumstances and hard realities in our lost and broken world, it is only Jesus who saves us. He steadies, soothes, and strengthens us. O Lord, regardless of the temptations this day that promise to hold me together, default my heart to rest in Jesus.

What worries do you need to let go of today? Grab hold of the Thread, the life-line that is Jesus himself. Give him the cares of your heart and let Jesus steady your feet and renew your soul with his everlasting love and joy.

Father God, I cry out to you today and rest in your steadying grip and comfort. Let Your Word fill my thoughts today in place of any worry. Lord, strengthen me and renew my hope today. Hold me up when my foot feels like it’s slipping out from underneath me. Console and cheer my heart today. In Jesus Name, Amen.


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