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Is Your "If Only" Keeping You Stuck?

UNHURRY HACK: Christ shows us how to live unstuck while we live in this sticky world.

Is the phrase, "if only" keeping you stuck today?

Is there a worry or frustration filling in the blanks around those two words that needs surrendering?

FIRST READ: Colossians 3

It's totally normal to reflect on our life, current situations, or even dream for the future. However, occasionally our thoughts and brainstorm can reach tornadic levels. I found myself here just the other day. Our mind is quick to focus on what we don't have in order to solve a problem...information, skill set, exposure, resources, time, cures, the list goes on. God created our complex brain with ability to problem solve and create, but like anything, when we leave Jesus out of the equation, sin creeps in and strongholds pop up. Success and happiness get confused with the phrase"if and only then."

Left unattended, the words "if" and "only" become a set of bullying hands attached to arms that formidably cross and form the word "can't". But, we don't have stay in their clutches.

The Bible tells us much about our complex mind and thought life.

Colossians 3:1 tells us there is a safe and solid place to relinquish frustration and worry. This place is where Christ is.

Since, then, you have been raised with Christ, set your hearts on things above, where Christ is, seated at the right hand of God. Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things. Colossians 3:1-2 (NIV)

Listen to that language: raised, set, above, where Christ is, where the hand of God is. These words are complete opposites of being stuck!

We don't just have to hide and will our thought-life away. The language of Colossians chapter 3 is approachable. Our God wants to help us deal with the stuff of our heart and mind. Think of a parent beckoning a child to come close so they can soothe their pain or guide them away from danger. Our God wants us close. As Children of God, we have the privilege to go to our Lord and let our High Priest tend and minister to us. We can safely set our heart and mind on this solid holy ground because of Jesus. His work on the cross is what welcomes us into the presence of God, not our shiny good deeds and happy thoughts. Fellow Christians, we we too are raised with Christ. It is pure joy that we don't have to settle for stuck. Daily joy.

When people ask why I am a Christian, I often speak of this freedom and victory. There is so much joy in not living stuck. Our earthly body wants to cling to earthy things--including our if-onlys, but when we do, we settle for less than our glorious inheritance. Verse 2 reminds us of this privilege, and we are invited to live unstuck while we are living in this sticky world. And so, the act of setting our heart where Jesus is becomes a daily need. Another word for this is surrender.

Have you tasted the freedom and joy of setting your heart and mind where Jesus is?

You can. Today.

Our mind has a lens similar to our camera lens. Both zooming in too far out, as well as zooming in too close can result in blurriness. When our focus is blurry we can't see Jesus or His best for our life. Our "If-only's" Iove to hang out here. If only I had gotten started earlier. If only I had waited. If only I had made a different choice. If only I was more talented. If only I was better at doing...

Like our cameras, visibility is limited. Keep your heart and mind where Jesus is and surrender them daily. When our heart and mind are set on things above, the angle, setting, and focus of our life is just right. Thank the Lord for this day, and thank Him even for what you don't have. Stay in His Word and pray for guidance for your future. Let Jesus be your IF and your ONLY.


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