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“Be still and know that I am God”   –Psalm 46:10

If you read the dictionary definition of hurry, you would see a description of moving with haste.  Here are a few examples from Webster’s Dictionary:


1.     disturbed or disorderly activity: commotion (Hurry the children to school so they are not late!)

2a.  agitated and often bustling or disorderly haste (Come on, we are in a hurry!)

2b. a state of eagerness or urgency: RUSH   (ex. The firemen got there in a hurry.)    

So to “unhurrry,” perhaps (because not an actual dictionary word) could be defined as the opposite of all of the above. While there are times we must take action without delay, its focus on the part of the word that deals with disorder and disruption.

When we are living life at a pace that can not listen to God’s voice , we could find ourself in a “hurry-scurry.”  That is perhaps my new favorite word, and fully paints the picture of a hurried heart.

“hurry-scurry”: confused rush : Turmoil  

God calls us to be still so that we can listen.  Listening is very different from hearing. I can hear God as I race through the words of scripture when I scramble to finish my bible study homework on time. I can hear God in a sermon while I hear to the pastor’s voice, and the other half of my brain is somewhere else. I can hear God when I feel the nudge of the Holy Spirit to do something, but never move to action We can hear lots of nice things about God and from God. But to listen digests with focus and action . To listen is to be still. If our heart is hurried, we can really only hear.  An NIV note adds that “be still” perhaps has a hebrew meaning of “Enough!”

I picture God lovingly lifting my chin as I would my child. I recall times when I needed to convey a very important instruction to my children , but they could not break the distraction and interest of the toy in their hands long enough to look at me and listen. My child may have heard my voice, but needed to let go of the distraction to listen to my words.

On a scale of 1-10 how hurried is your heart today?


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