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UNHURRY HACK: Tell God what overwhelms you and let Him overwhelm you with His glory instead.

FIRST READ: Psalm 61:1-3

Has your heart ever felt faint? Do you ever experience anxiety or worry? From time to time, that feeling of being overwhelmed or overworked floods our heart and mind, but Psalm 61 offers refuge. We have the opportunity to exchange our overwhelming anxiety for His overwhelming glory.

In those moments when we feel like we are at the ends of the earth, or at the end of our rope, God rescues us. Psalm 61 reminds us to cry out to God. I love that this Psalm begins with prayer; it is the starting place for our refuge. Prayer is our offensive and defensive strategy. The Psalmist knows that even though he feels faint and distant, God’s ear is listening to those calling out His name. Morning, noon, and night God hears our voice (Psalm 55:16-17).

Lead me Lord! Isn’t it comforting that we don’t have to know the way or have the strength to pull our self out from under the flood of whatever overwhelms us? We just have to call out His name and lift our hand to accept His rescue. God leads us out, and He protects us in the strong tower that is Himself. In the midst of chaos and demands we can still have peace and joy. Christ steadies us because He cannot be shaken. We need to go to the rock that is higher than our self and the strong tower against the enemy.

God is our rock and our deliverer (Psalm 18:2). He is our sure foundation, and in that place of refuge we get to hand over our anxiety, our heavy burdens, confusion, fear…whatever overwhelms you today. In its place we get to lift our hands once again, but this time it is in praise and glory--because this time we are overwhelmed by the greatness of His glory. What a strong and refreshing posture to be overwhelmed by God’s power. What a safe place for children of God to rest and be restored.

Is there anything in your life that feels overwhelming today? A task or burden that feels too heavy or too challenging? Instead of labored thoughts of worry and stress, think on the greatness of our God. Camp out in the Psalms, Psalm 103 for example, and marvel at God’s greatness. Tell God what overwhelms you and let Him overwhelm you with His glory instead.

Start today in prayer:

Father God, I am overwhelmed by your glory. Your love and mercy and goodness bring me to my knees in honor and praise. When I think upon Your creation and power, I am in awe with worship. Lord let these be the things that overwhelm me today instead of the worries of this world. In Jesus Name, Amen.

Remember these 5 Truths the next time you feel overwhelmed:


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