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Are you micromanaging hope today?

Busy people are good at "doing," but not always so good at "letting." I can jump on board with a visible project or preparing for company to arrive, but it's hard for me to wait on things I can't see taking hope. Perhaps you can relate. Hope often fits into a category of waiting and that means we don't get to control the time table or results.

UNHURRY HACK: Hope does not need to be micromanaged.

FIRST READ: Romans 8

Through Jesus, we are invited to enter a hope that is eternal and daily. That is our starting point and greatest gift. Daily, we have the privilege to trust Jesus and let him work in our life. But, the "letting" part is hard, isn't it? To surrender? To give control of outcomes and what-ifs? The trouble with micromanaging hope is that God doesn't need our help. Micromanaging hope brings us great stress! Unlike God, we have limited perception and understanding. Our sinful nature gets in the way because we can only see and feel what is right in front of us at the moment. However, in Jesus we can safely and confidently place our hope.

Let Jesus work. This is hard to live out sometimes! Jesus wants our whole heart...all the stuff. The tiny sliver we are reluctant to release often holds us back from the area of freedom that Christ wants to lead us into. Hope is expectant of His great work in our life!

It is only when when we finally release our white-knuckled grips, that we experience victory over a worry, a hurt, a fear, a stronghold...the list goes on. I know, becuase I have spent years hanging onto slivers and they have gotten me no where but stuck. Jesus wants to be the Lord of our life, our entire life--past, present, and future. He doesn't need our help in being Lord and Master. He needs us to let go and trust Him. If you get stuck like me in the cycle of want-to-but-can't, Romans 8 brings such hope with the reminder of the incredible power of God's Holy Spirit dwelling within us (verse 15).

Letting go is hard! Surrendering, trusting, waiting, praying all involve letting go of control, but we are called to do each and every one--and more! In my experience, this is where I tend to get in the way. How about you? Romans 8 reminds us we don't have to default to our sinful nature (verse 12). We do not have to micromanage hope. We do not have to maneuver visible outcomes and results and cling to emotions for our protection.

We HAVE another be led by the Holy Spirit and to stand on the promises of God. Letting the Spirit control your minds leads to life and peace (verse 6). The same Spirit of God, who raised Christ Jesus from the dead, indwells every believer (verse 13). God's Holy Spirit helps us live out each day with living hope.

What grips in your heart need relinquishing? What is one area of control you can ask Jesus to help you let go of today?

Because of Jesus we are free, and today by God's power we can:




Let go of results & outcomes

Hand over the what-ifs & used to be's

Rest in God's joy and peace.

Put to death our old ways and walk in Living Hope

Start fresh...

Hope is alive. Hope has a Name. His name is Jesus.

Let Jesus work.

Choose to rest in God's peace and joy as He works in us, in others, and in situations around us. It is a balm for our soul and helps us let go of control.


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