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A Stale Bread Kind of Day

You know that kind of day…


Stale bread, just the sound of it makes my shoulders droop.  Poor little stale piece of bread.  He sits all alone on a cold plate with no hope of ever becoming a sandwich or even a piece of toast. Its corners are stiff and dry.  There is no longer even a squishy middle for snacking fingers to tear and roll into a doughy ball.  No, not much use for a piece of stale bread.    Do you ever feel a little dry and crumbly? More often than not, we are a little spiritually dry as well? How do we ever bounce back? It is interesting to see how quickly a piece of bread can go stale.

Take this bread challenge:  leave a piece of bread on the counter and observe its texture throughout the day.  The air around it pulls moisture from the bread, leaving it stale. Likewise, our soul deprived from time with God also dries out quickly and loses its moist richness.

Regardless of what contributed to our state of stale bread, the first step towards hope is to open the bible.   While there’s not much hope for the bread you set out, the good news is that there’s an endless supply of hope in God’s Word. After all, Jesus is the bread of life.  It is good to know His bread is everlasting!  Here are a few verses to jumpstart you back to your walk with God:

Don’t give up! Start with these and let the Holy Spirit guide you through the nourishing pages of God’s Word.  Read the study notes if you have a study bible, grab a bible commentary, get with another Godly gal and read them together.  Whatever jumpstarts you back on the freshness of your walk with God!

  1. Psalm 42:1-2

  2. Psalm 121

  3. John 6:51

  4. Joshua 1:9

  5. Isaiah 40:11, 28-31

  6. Psalm 34:4

  7. Hebrews 4:12

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