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5 Areas to Pray Daily For Our Schools

Whether you have children or not, did you know that you hold a valuable role in the lives of our schools today? Each day cars and busses load up precious cargo and drive into a mission field. Our schools are not only places of learning, but also places of relationships, character building, and yes ministry.

Children are bold and precious evangelists. Friendships grow, hope is spread, and the name of Jesus is spoken. Nothing is sweeter than a child sharing the gospel message with another child. Only heaven will tell of the countless testimonies shared on the playgrounds and lunch tables. In Matthew 18:3, Jesus tells us our faith should be like that of a child too! When we pray for our schools, we are also praying for these young missionaries and disciples. Will you pray for student friendships this year?

Prayer makes a difference in the lives our students, teachers, and staff. As a former teacher I remember how challenging it was to manage a classroom and ensure that every child’s needs are met, all while handling the pressures of policy, performance, and even parents. Every workplace is a mission field and the relationships we build with our coworkers in any profession may lead to ministry opportunities as well. Will you pray for teachers and staff friendships this year?

Prayer is extremely powerful (James 5:16) and makes a difference in our school system. You and I have the opportunity to take part in the charge of Proverbs 22:6. Let’s start the children of our community off on the way they should go with purposeful prayer.

How can you build a habit of praying over our schools? Try this: Start a personal prayer ministry by identifying one school to intentionally pray for this year. Is there a school in your neighborhood or one that you pass by in your daily commutes? What if you prayed every single time you drove by? Most schools include an employee directory list on their website. Print one today and stick it in your Bible or prayer journal. What if you made a point to intentionally pray for those teachers and staff by name? There is such power in prayer!

As we pray for the schools in our community, essentially we are praying for the next generation of men and women. When we stand in the gap and intercede we are asking God’s hand to move in mighty ways in our community and around the world. We are praying for discipleship and disciple-makers. We are praying for future leaders who will stand up for God’s Truth. When we begin to view children as tiny disciples, our hearts will want to pray.

Downloadable Prayer for Schools


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