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What if I don't want to?

Busy days leave us with little time to sit still. The pull is great to finish the to-do list before we sit still with God. How can we beat the busyness? What if I don't want to slow down?

UNHURRY Hack: Ask God to give you the desire and power to spend time with Him.

FIRST READ: Philippians 2:12-13

Paul tells us that we should work hard to show evidence of our faith, but he's not talking about a chart full of gold stars. We have come to begrudge the word "work" in our society. Working often stands in the way of what we want to do and enjoy. The dictionary helps to understand the word, "work" in light of a process that leads to a desired outcome. How do you want to live and grow as a follower of Christ?


If we want to grow in our walk with God and learn to imitate Christ, we need to "work" on this growing and learning process. How? We can grow patterns of intentionality while God is at work in us. We can start with 5 minutes in prayer and in God's Word and exponentially build that footprint. Paul gives us good news about this in verse 13...something incredible is taking place in us when we lean into God. Paul explains that God is working in us giving us the "desire and power to do what pleases Him." When our intentionality intersects with God's work in us, we will grow our faith by leaps and bounds!

We say Jesus is Lord of our life, but do we surrender our day to Him? Is Jesus Lord of our to-do list?

When we rush, we often miss precious opportunities to share God's love and listen and care for others. When we have a full day ahead of us it is easy to compromise what matters most. Our faith includes "obeying God with deep reverence and fear" (verse 12). This means deep awe and worship.


Why do we make our faith so hard? Today ask God to help you show Jesus in your life and to help you grow daily rhythms of discipleship. When we seek God, we will find that He rewrites our to-do list, and aligns it with His will. As a result, we begin to want to read our Bible, we find that we want to pray, and we want to show Christ to the world.


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